Quick Homeowner Updates

It happens to all homeowners. Rooms that once looked fresh and contemporary have aged themselves into drabness.

For some it’s an excuse to redecorate. For others it’s a chore. Either way homeownership is an ever-evolving process. As one project ends, another peaks its head around the corner.

To bring your rooms current, as well as to update worn and disheveled items, consider these five room freshening tips.

1. Paint

Paint is number one on the list because it is relatively cheap and easy to do yourself. Getting a professional finish is simple, thanks to the myriad of products now on the market for do-it-yourselfers. From tape to edgers to color changing paint, you’re sure to get a quality finished product. “In” colors change every few years, so be sure to do some homework on what hues are happening.

While you’re at it, research zero-voc (volatile organic compound) paint before starting your project. Traditional paint leaches fumes into your home for years. Zero-voc paint, however, exposes you to fewer odors during the painting process and fewer risky fumes in the years to come. This is well worth the effort of searching out zero-voc.

2. Trim

The current trend is for trim to be white instead of natural wood. It is contemporary and clean. If your trimwork is in good repair, simply puttying holes, sanding scuffs, and painting can update the look. Dated trim that is too thin for your large rooms can be replaced with new baseboards. Amateur handyman can tackle this task with table and coping saws. Trim is all about getting the angle cut correctly. Already have current looking trim? Upgrade your room with crown molding. These beauties can be real show-stoppers!

3. Cabinet Hardware

From oil-rubbed bronze to beautiful vintage pieces, old is in. Hardware can easily be added to any existing cabinetry or changed to bring a new feel to a tired room. Shop in your local home improvement stores, online, and at local auctions to find the pieces that speak to you.

4. Decorative Accents

Curtains are the frame to any well-designed room. Choose colors and patterns that fit the scale of your room. Heavy curtains made from chenille or jacquard work best in large rooms with tall ceilings. Lighter weight fabrics, such as silk and chiffon, are great choices for small or airy rooms. Decorative pillows and throws are also an inexpensive way to change the accents of your room. Have a teal room but want to go contemporary? Bright is in. Don’t be afraid to play with color!

5. Flooring

While flooring is not a simple fix and may require the help of a professional, it can make all the difference in a dated room. Scratched and worn wood floors should be sanded and refinished to show the natural beauty of the wood that lies beneath. Laminate wood flooring is a cheap and easy solution for budget conscious homeowners who want a clean and modern update. It can be a wonderful solution for worn out carpet.

If your rooms are looking tired, be sure to wake them up with a few new colors, paints, or accents!

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